3 big mistakes you should avoid

We love helping Toronto homeowners with their garage doors whenever they need us. We also love giving advice that can minimize damage and expenses to homeowners.

Based on our experience , here are 3 things that you should try to avoid:

1. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your garage door, act as soon as possible. Don’t wait and don’t neglect. Every month we come across a few cases where a small repair turned into a larger job because the homeowner waited too long. Problems don’t fix themselves. If you notice something unusual or hear a strange noise when operating the door, act fast and call an expert.

2. Don’t drive in to or out of your garage when the door is still moving. This happens all too often and causes damage in many homes in the Toronto area. Unfortunately people hit their garage doors with the top of their cars every month. Don’t let this happen to you. Wait till the door has reached the top and start moving only then.

3. Make sure that nothing blocks the door’s way before closing the garage door. Many doors are designed to move all the way up to the open position if something blocked their way on the way down. While moving back up the door can scratch your car or cause some other damage. So before closing it, spend a second to make sure that nothing stands in its way.

We hope that you’ll take the above advice seriously and avoid unnecessary issues.

Have a safe and joyful week.

David’s Garage Door Repair team.