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Why you should check your garage door periodically

Checking your garage door periodically is a good idea and may save you time and help you avoid unnecessary stressful situations. As one of our Toronto clients found out last Tuesday, it pays to pay attention to minor changes in the way

Is your garage ready for winter?

Is your garage ready for the snow? It’s always important to have a fully functioning garage that you can use for parking your car, storing the garbage bins, etc. It makes life so much easy. Now, that winter is here

Who has the Keys to your home

Have you ever asked yourself; who has the keys to your home? You might think you got all keys accounted for, but consider these situations: 1. You go to the car mechanic hand over the keys and pick up the

opener installation

Getting a garage door opener installed is a great Idea. but what brand name do you choose? how many horsepower do you need? the answer to these questions is quite simple, like everything in life you get what you pay

3 big mistakes you should avoid

We love helping Toronto homeowners with their garage doors whenever they need us. We also love giving advice that can minimize damage and expenses to homeowners. Based on our experience , here are 3 things that you should try to

how to choose a Garage Door Repair company in Toronto

nowadays, one of the best ways to find local Garage door repair companies in toronto is to search the Internet. But how do you know which company is right for you? Davids Garage Door Repair wants you to get the

Aluminum Garage Doors

ALUMINUM The clean modern look combined with its flexibility, durability, and quality make this the perfect choice selection for your full-view needs. Removable inside retainers make changing the look of your aluminum garage doors, or replacing a window section, an