Why you should check your garage door periodically

Checking your garage door periodically is a good idea and may save you time and help you avoid unnecessary stressful situations.

As one of our Toronto clients found out last Tuesday, it pays to pay attention to minor changes in the way your garage door moves and sounds when you open or close it.

The client, who lives in Toronto’s east side, noticed one day that his garage door is making a strange sound every time in goes up or down. The sound was something new that he had never heard before. He decided to ignore it and hoped that it would go away.

A few days later, when he was leaving the house on his way to work, the garage door got stuck in the middle between the open and the closed positions. Our client couldn’t get his car out of the garage, and that was when he called us. It took us just a few minutes to fix the problem, but the client was late to work and had to cancel a meeting.

This could have been avoided by paying more attention to changes in the way the garage door operates and calling us sooner instead of waiting for something to happen.

This shouldn’t happen to you. Next time you sense a change in your garage door, give David’s a call. It can save you a lot.