Garage Door Expantion

David was seen interview today and asked “David why did you open up in Markham” it comes as no surprise but after such great success it was obiouse that we would expand. we looked at the map of the GTA and although we would love to service everyone we will take our time in expanding to ensure that great customer service is maintained. here is the list from the interview


Why did you choose to expand?

24 Hour garage door company are in short supply, so we decided that expanding to Markham would help the people living in Markham in the after hours

how did you choose Markham?

we came in to contact with Jack from a competitors garage door company who believes in the same values as us. by incorporating his company to take over the Davids Franchise we are able to expand to Markham.

How do you choose who gets a franchise?

many competitor franchises in many industry what you to pay an upfront fee and study a little and you can have a franchise. Here at Davids the only people allowed are people that work a minimum of 2 years under the Toronto Franchise. By keeping the rules this way we insure that customers love the way we do business.

Why you should check your garage door periodically

Checking your garage door periodically is a good idea and may save you time and help you avoid unnecessary stressful situations.

As one of our Toronto clients found out last Tuesday, it pays to pay attention to minor changes in the way your garage door moves and sounds when you open or close it.

The client, who lives in Toronto’s east side, noticed one day that his garage door is making a strange sound every time in goes up or down. The sound was something new that he had never heard before. He decided to ignore it and hoped that it would go away.

A few days later, when he was leaving the house on his way to work, the garage door got stuck in the middle between the open and the closed positions. Our client couldn’t get his car out of the garage, and that was when he called us. It took us just a few minutes to fix the problem, but the client was late to work and had to cancel a meeting.

This could have been avoided by paying more attention to changes in the way the garage door operates and calling us sooner instead of waiting for something to happen.

This shouldn’t happen to you. Next time you sense a change in your garage door, give David’s a call. It can save you a lot.

Is your garage ready for winter?

Is your garage ready for the snow?

It’s always important to have a fully functioning garage that you can use for parking your car, storing the garbage bins, etc. It makes life so much easy.

Now, that winter is here and snow starts falling again, it becomes even more important.
The difference between parking your car on the driveway and parking it inside your garage is becoming more critical than ever.

According to published statistics gathered over 20 years, temperatures are likely to fall below zero in Toronto during 4 months of the year, starting in December. This year, winter came earlier than usual with freezing temperatures and snow in mid November.

Last week, one of our clients from Toronto complained that the day before we fixed his garage door, he had to spend more than 20 minutes on removing ice from his car that parked all night outside on the driveway.

This time of the year more new clients are calling us from every city in the GTA. The reason is that people who would otherwise procrastinate are pushed by the cooling weather to solve their garage door issues a.s.a.p.

At David’s, we don’t take this sense of urgency lightly. We know how time consuming and inconvenient it is to not being able to use your garage as you would want to use it. Especially when temperatures drop and it starts snowing.

Our service is all about helping people by fixing their garage doors and helping them enjoy the benefits of having a functioning garage during Toronto’s snowy winter. This time of the year, we know, our quick response becomes even more important to our clients.

If your garage door is not working, don’t wait. There is no need to suffer. Give us a call and get your quality of life back, soon.

Who has the Keys to your home

Have you ever asked yourself; who has the keys to your home? You might think you got all keys accounted for, but consider these situations:

1. You go to the car mechanic hand over the keys and pick up the car the following day. your mecanic may be a long term friend, but his employees can be long term criminals. in your car is your registration providing
the thief with your home address and before you realize it he could of duplicated the keys.

2. Its friday night and your thinking of going with your significant other to a fancy restuarant; hey its been a long week and finaly some quality time. you see the valet parking and you let him park it, agian your at a risk that the gentleman at the door is not a gentleman at all.

3. Even brand new homes could be compromised. How many keys did the builder, contractor, or realtor have? when the realtor was showing the house did one of the potential buyers see the code on the lock box.

if you think that theres a change your keys where duplicated or you see that keys are unaccounted for theres two options. option 1 is to always have your locks rekeyed with Anytime Locksmith. Anytime Locksmith charges 95 service call and 10-20$ per lock to rekey.
This option although seems like the cheaper option is accually more expensive in the long run. Option 2 is to install high security locks. High security locks come with a non-duplicatable key meaning if you give out your house key to the cleaning lady and she returns it , or a contractor painting the house for the week has the key and returns it, you know that your home security has not been breached. Anytime locksmith installs high security locks at around $200 depending on lock application. Although to change 3-4 locks may get expensive,
its cheaper down the road.

to schedule same day 30 minutes guarantee service contact anytime locksmith at 6474612223. Anytime locksmith offers 10% to seniors, military personnel, real tors, and students.
Anytime Locksmith is a proud partner of Davids Garage Door Repair

opener installation

Getting a garage door opener installed is a great Idea. but what brand name do you choose? how many horsepower do you need? the answer to these questions is quite simple, like everything in life you get what you pay for. Here at Davids Garage Door Repair Toronto we work with lift master. lift master garage door openers are high quality and they last. I personally have installed openers from chamberlain, genie, lift-up and I can tell you that each one of those companies has openers ranging from $150-$350.  So how much horse power do i need?  The truth is majority of the lifting is not done by the garage door opener but by the torsion springs. The springs do all the lifting. an average garage door can weigh well over 300 pounds but for some reason we can toss it up with one hand. That my friend is the springs in action. So what your saying is I should buy one with only 1/2 horse power? not exactly. the  best way to explain this is like getting a car. some cars have 200 horse power while other have 500 horse power. sure your garage door does not need to open at 300 km/h but the pressure it goes through will wear it down. I David believe in one quote and that “you get what you pay for”. when I install garage door openers I only offer the top of the line with the most power because I want them to last long. when I complete the work I leave a sticker on your door, i show you that sticker, and when you need me you call me back. By only working with the top of the line maybe 5 years down the road your friend will want a garage door opener and you will recommend me because of the awesome service I offered you. if you need a garage door opener installed buy it from Davids Garage Door Repair I personally guarantee it for 5 years.

3 big mistakes you should avoid

We love helping Toronto homeowners with their garage doors whenever they need us. We also love giving advice that can minimize damage and expenses to homeowners.

Based on our experience , here are 3 things that you should try to avoid:

1. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your garage door, act as soon as possible. Don’t wait and don’t neglect. Every month we come across a few cases where a small repair turned into a larger job because the homeowner waited too long. Problems don’t fix themselves. If you notice something unusual or hear a strange noise when operating the door, act fast and call an expert.

2. Don’t drive in to or out of your garage when the door is still moving. This happens all too often and causes damage in many homes in the Toronto area. Unfortunately people hit their garage doors with the top of their cars every month. Don’t let this happen to you. Wait till the door has reached the top and start moving only then.

3. Make sure that nothing blocks the door’s way before closing the garage door. Many doors are designed to move all the way up to the open position if something blocked their way on the way down. While moving back up the door can scratch your car or cause some other damage. So before closing it, spend a second to make sure that nothing stands in its way.

We hope that you’ll take the above advice seriously and avoid unnecessary issues.

Have a safe and joyful week.

David’s Garage Door Repair team.



how to choose a Garage Door Repair company in Toronto

nowadays, one of the best ways to find local Garage door repair companies in toronto is to search the Internet. But how do you know which company is right for you?

Davids Garage Door Repair wants you to get the best service possible. Were pretty sure that’s what we offer, but we want you to be sure, too, so here are a few tips for determining the right Garage door company for your needs:
1. Look for 24/7 service. There are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, any of which could find your Garage door giving you problems or otherwise in need of Garage Door services. A Garage door company who works 9 to 5 Monday to Friday isn’t going to cut it. sure if you work from home and can wait all day, but most people need a garage door company to works around their schedule, Neither is one who charges more for emergency calls. Davids Garage Doors specializes in 24/7 emergency Garage Door service . We guarantee the highest quality service at the lowest possible price-any time of the day or night. Davids isn’t just my name; it’s my company’s promise.
2. Expect service in 40 minutes or less. You can’t afford to waste time waiting around for service-and in some cases, such as when you’re locked out of the garage in a remote area, waiting may be dangerous as well as inconvenient. Davids garage door promises to get to wherever you are within 30 minutes of your call.
3. Look for a wide array of Garage door services. You don’t want to have to call someone different for your home , commercial , and auto Garage needs. Nor does it make sense to have your locks and your garage door installed or repaired by different companies when they work together to protect your home. Anytime Locksmith provides all of the above services and more, making us your one-stop shop for all things lock-and-key. proud partner of Davids Garage Door Repair


visit us on and see why where the number one Garage Door Company in Toronto Ontario Canadian Directory

Aluminum Garage Doors

The clean modern look combined with its flexibility, durability, and quality make this the perfect choice selection for your full-view needs. Removable inside retainers make changing the look of your aluminum garage doors, or replacing a window section, an ease uncommon to most doors.

These garage doors with glass are available in clear anodized aluminum or a selection of stock RAL powder-coat options of 188 colors
Sections are 2” thick, and assembled with through bolts at each vertical stile location
Section joints are tongue-and-groove for a superior weatherseal
Wide bottom rails, top rails, and end stiles create an extra-strong frame for the door
Insulated and 1/4” tempered glass is available in some sizes
Aluminum panels can be substituted for glass panels
Glass or aluminum garage door panels can be easily replaced by removing an inside retainer
Bottom “U” type astragal is a standard feature
Tracks are 2” or 3”, as specified
Available in bracket mount, angle mount, clip angle mount, 12” radius, 15” radius, high lift, vertical lift, roof pitch, or dual track low headroom
Optional one (1) piece 2” vertical lift track is available for doors 7’ to 10’ high
Package includes 11-gauge or 14-gauge hinges, as specified
2” or 3” short-stem or long-stem steel ball bearings rollers
Heavy-duty adjustable top roller brackets
Torsion springs are helically wound with oil-tempered wire
Springs are individually-calibrated for each door
Torsion tubes are galvanized for rust resistance
High cycle spring options may be specified