Garage Door Expantion

David was seen interview today and asked “David why did you open up in Markham” it comes as no surprise but after such great success it was obiouse that we would expand. we looked at the map of the GTA and although we would love to service everyone we will take our time in expanding to ensure that great customer service is maintained. here is the list from the interview


Why did you choose to expand?

24 Hour garage door company are in short supply, so we decided that expanding to Markham would help the people living in Markham in the after hours

how did you choose Markham?

we came in to contact with Jack from a competitors garage door company who believes in the same values as us. by incorporating his company to take over the Davids Franchise we are able to expand to Markham.

How do you choose who gets a franchise?

many competitor franchises in many industry what you to pay an upfront fee and study a little and you can have a franchise. Here at Davids the only people allowed are people that work a minimum of 2 years under the Toronto Franchise. By keeping the rules this way we insure that customers love the way we do business.