Who has the Keys to your home

Have you ever asked yourself; who has the keys to your home? You might think you got all keys accounted for, but consider these situations:

1. You go to the car mechanic hand over the keys and pick up the car the following day. your mecanic may be a long term friend, but his employees can be long term criminals. in your car is your registration providing
the thief with your home address and before you realize it he could of duplicated the keys.

2. Its friday night and your thinking of going with your significant other to a fancy restuarant; hey its been a long week and finaly some quality time. you see the valet parking and you let him park it, agian your at a risk that the gentleman at the door is not a gentleman at all.

3. Even brand new homes could be compromised. How many keys did the builder, contractor, or realtor have? when the realtor was showing the house did one of the potential buyers see the code on the lock box.

if you think that theres a change your keys where duplicated or you see that keys are unaccounted for theres two options. option 1 is to always have your locks rekeyed with Anytime Locksmith. Anytime Locksmith charges 95 service call and 10-20$ per lock to rekey.
This option although seems like the cheaper option is accually more expensive in the long run. Option 2 is to install high security locks. High security locks come with a non-duplicatable key meaning if you give out your house key to the cleaning lady and she returns it , or a contractor painting the house for the week has the key and returns it, you know that your home security has not been breached. Anytime locksmith installs high security locks at around $200 depending on lock application. Although to change 3-4 locks may get expensive,
its cheaper down the road.

to schedule same day 30 minutes guarantee service contact anytime locksmith at 6474612223. Anytime locksmith offers 10% to seniors, military personnel, real tors, and students.
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