opener installation

Getting a garage door opener installed is a great Idea. but what brand name do you choose? how many horsepower do you need? the answer to these questions is quite simple, like everything in life you get what you pay for. Here at Davids Garage Door Repair Toronto we work with lift master. lift master garage door openers are high quality and they last. I personally have installed openers from chamberlain, genie, lift-up and I can tell you that each one of those companies has openers ranging from $150-$350.  So how much horse power do i need?  The truth is majority of the lifting is not done by the garage door opener but by the torsion springs. The springs do all the lifting. an average garage door can weigh well over 300 pounds but for some reason we can toss it up with one hand. That my friend is the springs in action. So what your saying is I should buy one with only 1/2 horse power? not exactly. the  best way to explain this is like getting a car. some cars have 200 horse power while other have 500 horse power. sure your garage door does not need to open at 300 km/h but the pressure it goes through will wear it down. I David believe in one quote and that “you get what you pay for”. when I install garage door openers I only offer the top of the line with the most power because I want them to last long. when I complete the work I leave a sticker on your door, i show you that sticker, and when you need me you call me back. By only working with the top of the line maybe 5 years down the road your friend will want a garage door opener and you will recommend me because of the awesome service I offered you. if you need a garage door opener installed buy it from Davids Garage Door Repair I personally guarantee it for 5 years.