Is your garage ready for winter?

Is your garage ready for the snow?

It’s always important to have a fully functioning garage that you can use for parking your car, storing the garbage bins, etc. It makes life so much easy.

Now, that winter is here and snow starts falling again, it becomes even more important.
The difference between parking your car on the driveway and parking it inside your garage is becoming more critical than ever.

According to published statistics gathered over 20 years, temperatures are likely to fall below zero in Toronto during 4 months of the year, starting in December. This year, winter came earlier than usual with freezing temperatures and snow in mid November.

Last week, one of our clients from Toronto complained that the day before we fixed his garage door, he had to spend more than 20 minutes on removing ice from his car that parked all night outside on the driveway.

This time of the year more new clients are calling us from every city in the GTA. The reason is that people who would otherwise procrastinate are pushed by the cooling weather to solve their garage door issues a.s.a.p.

At David’s, we don’t take this sense of urgency lightly. We know how time consuming and inconvenient it is to not being able to use your garage as you would want to use it. Especially when temperatures drop and it starts snowing.

Our service is all about helping people by fixing their garage doors and helping them enjoy the benefits of having a functioning garage during Toronto’s snowy winter. This time of the year, we know, our quick response becomes even more important to our clients.

If your garage door is not working, don’t wait. There is no need to suffer. Give us a call and get your quality of life back, soon.